Leaving your job should not be done overnight. We are talking about you...

1. Make an exit plan: Consider talking to an experience friend that can provide guidance. Write steps that you need to take. Leave as a professional.
2. Clean up your online content: If you have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs, make sure your content does not create suspicions behaviors or promotes any political affiliation. Employers will search for you.
3. Check your driving record: if you have any points, take some classes to remove them.
4. Check your credit score: if you any debt collections, get them paid or make an arrangements, show that you are attempting to fix your financial problems.
5. Check your urine: If you’ve been using drugs, stop. Employers will drug test new candidates.
6. Get a background check: you may have issue that you are not aware.
7. Finish any training you have pending: Employers want to see that you motivated to get better.
8. Get certifications that are needed at the new job that you want: A+, MOS, CCNA, etc.
9. Update your Resume: Make several resumes styles and have them evaluated by friends and a professional.
10. Get your References: Update your references, after your resumes are completed, distribute copies to your references and keep them updated.
11. Research your job and company you will be applying to: Employers will ask you questions about Job specifics, the company and its mission.
12. Get a one or two months of income saved up: That means either you get a part time jobs or start saving. If you have money saved up for retirement, like 401k, don’t use that.
13. Fix your relationships at work: This may a take a while. They will always be haters, but leave with a clean slate and stay positive.
14. Leave in good terms: Train your successor and never talk bad about anybody. You don’t need to.
15. Get balanced: Your resume should reflect: Experience, Education, Certifications and Motivation.

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